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About this giveaway


  • Nothing to buy to participate.

  • The giveaway will be open for entry beginning April 6, 2022 and will close on May 7, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

  • Winners will be randomly selected on May 8, 2022 using the SweepWidget platform and will be announced through "Instagram live" on the @baturepike & @crentertainmentpr page.

  • Open raffle for graduating classes 2022 Juniors (8th) and Seniors (12th) in Puerto Rico.

  • Maximum of 1 winner per graduating class.

  • Three (3) graduating classes will be awarded. In the event that a graduating class is selected for the second time, the random selection of the platform will be carried out again to give another graduating class the opportunity to win and enjoy the experience.

  • The prizes will be the following:

  1. First winner: Batucada Show + 2 Characters (Musical intervention + animation for 30 min.)

  2. Second Winner: One Hundred Dollar Discount ($100)

  3. Third Winner: One Hundred Dollar Discount ($100)

  • The batucada, clothing and characters may vary from the promotion. The characters can vary between the following: big-headed, stilt-walker, and stilt-walker.

  • Discount of one hundred dollars ($100) is only applicable on the regular price of the following service: Batucada Show + 2 Characters (Musical intervention + animation for 30 min.). The price of this may vary by area (Metro, North, South, East, West, Center).

  • The service and/or discounts are applicable for the following class events: Proms, Graduations and/or Class Day.

  • Service and discounts are not transferable and cannot be combined with other offers.

  • Winners must communicate within 24 hours after the announcement via IG Live. If they do not receive any communication, they will lose their prize and a new winner will be selected randomly.


We wish all the graduating classes much success and the greatest blessings in what will be an end of the semester full of excitement and, above all, much enjoyment!

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